Dreams really can come true

Mandy and Steven were reluctant to leave their family home but their life changing decision to build their own home and business combined meant they would need to in order to fund the project.


They planned to open an adoption retreat in the heart of the West Pennine Moors so although they would be leaving this delightful home they wouldn’t have to move far!


Originally 3 houses, from the outside the property just looked like any other terraced house in the street, but once inside, it was a well proportioned, spacious family home with 4 generous bedrooms a cellar, good sized gardens and even a driveway (very unusual for this area).


With quality fixtures and fittings throughout and plenty character and charm Mandy and Stephen couldn’t understand why it wasn’t selling.

IMG_1328 img_1350

The property had been on the market for 9 months with little interest and so they’d taken it off to have a rethink. It was then that the reality hit; the planning permission that had been so hard to achieve had a sell by date and they only had 12 months to start their build! With the house sale needed to fund the project, the pressure was on to make it all happen or they’d have to reapply and start the whole process again from the beginning!


We discussed some of the key issues; the main one being the need to get viewers over the threshold to see the internal size of the house and all it’s attributes.

Agreeing on open days over a weekend gave us the focus and deadline for all the jobs to be completed and we could advertise and promote through the internet and social media in the run up.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 20.47.07IMG_1383

Walking straight into the living room from the front door, we needed to create a more welcoming first impression. (before and after above)

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 20.47.59

Moving the dining table back to the dining room and adding a small easy chair and light, opened up the area and also removed the ‘barrier’ and cluttered feel.


The kitchen felt a little bit small and ‘cut off’ from the rest of the house so the units were refreshed and updated by painting them a cream to work with the cooker which made the room look bigger and also to link with the dining room colours.

IMG_1974 IMG_1977

It was also important to clear the surfaces of all the general family clutter, leaving just a few selected pieces.

CIMG4796Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 20.48.19

With the dining table back in the dining room, the flow was much better between the rooms and the purpose of each was clear and more spacious.


The family bathroom had high quality fixtures but like many homes, was full of toiletries, towels and bathmats, all of which detract from what you’re selling with the house!

img_1291 IMG_1286      img_1292

Remembering to treat the place like a hotel, the room was stripped back to show off the lovely claw footed bath and traditional radiator.


The large open living room was really cozy with heating provided  by the lovely cream wood burning stove. We added a couple of easy chairs and new cushions to softened the room and break up the black.

dscn9889  img_1387

Mandy created a really welcoming atmosphere for the open weekend with fresh coffee, fizzy drinks and a variety of nibbles.


After all the elbow grease and trying to keep two young children ‘living in a show home’ for the last few days, the hard work paid off!


Within days they had a firm offer for the full asking price…

high street garden in evening sunshine 11224018_997058713662357_7695598413933175515_n

The new owners moved in within weeks and Mandy, Steven and their children could make their next move of their journey- into a caravan!




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