What We Do

We work with roosting places – from bars and cafes to homes and offices, everyone needs a place to live and work – and if it’s a pleasant environment, people feel happier, work harder and spend more.

RooSt. offer a full range of consultation, design and project management services, keeping our rates extremely competitive to help us support and add value for our favourite clients – homeowners and small businesses.

We can guide you through the design process, from initial concepts through to a design and fit-out – bringing 20 years of interior design experience to the table can shape ideas into action and avoid costly design errors.

Our extensive experience with property allows us to offer low-cost services in property styling – for estate agents, your property is often just another one ‘on the books’ – we can help you show your property at its best and make the stunning first impression necessary when the next property is only a click away, avoiding dreaded price reductions and lengthy spells on the market.

Call or email for a chat today to discuss your needs – there’s no commitment, and if you have a budget in mind, we can cut the cloth to fit and give you an idea of what you can achieve. If you’re just starting with your plans and want to know what a project would cost, we can help with that too!

Take a look at some of my latest projects: